About Us:


Insurance Insights is a podcast focused on the insurance industry and covers topics pertaining to the annuity, life insurance, health, and long-term care marketplaces. Insurance Insights is designed to inform and educate insurance professionals on new trends, products, and consumer needs.


The goal of the podcast is to assist you in building your brand and to generate quality agent leads. Insurance Insights does this by providing educational information to its audience. There is a lack of industry focused educational material available to insurance producers and Insurance Insights fills that void.

Our Host:

Harry N. Stout
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Insurance Insight Group, LLC (IIG)
Website: www.insuranceinsightsgroup.com
Email: harry.stout@insuranceinsights.com

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Matt Pardine
Email: mattp@advisorrecruiting.com
Phone: 800-765-0372, Ext. 6405

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