Our Guests:

Jack Aiken
LTA Marketing Group, LLC
Website: www.ltamarketing.com
Email: jack.aiken@ltamarketing.com
Phone: 866-232-5011

Jack Aiken entered the insurance business in 1969 as a general insurance agent with a focus on financial planning. Since 1976 he has owned and operated marketing organizations to serve independent insurance professionals. Jack is also active in the industry as former president of the National Association of Term Life Underwriters, Chairman of International Life Insurance Council, member of a number of advisory councils including the Independent Marketing Advisory Council of the National Association of Fixed Annuities.

Featured Podcast:
» Insurance Sales That Could Impact Generations

Jeremy Bickler
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
Website: www.allianzlife.com
Email: jeremy.bickler@allianzlife.com
Phone: 763-202-6176

Jeremy Bickler, a 14 year veteran of the industry, is Regional Vice President of Central Region (Life Distribution) at Allianz Life. Jeremy has worked extensively, both in the field as well as home offices, assisting agents with sales strategies, advanced case design, and product training. While he specializes in life insurance, he has marketed and sold multiple lines.

Featured Podcast:
» How to Offer Value in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Rob Billingham
Insurance Insight Group
Website: www.insuranceinsightgroup.com
Email: rob.billingham@iigsolutions.com
Phone: 801-290-3333

Rob Billingham is a marketing director for Insurance Insight Group and was previously Vice President of Marketing for Insurance News Net, Inc.

During his five-year tenure at INN, Rob authored and directed e-mail and print ad campaigns for 30+ insurance marketing organizations, brokerage agencies and related financial services firms. Rob’s 14-year career began in the insurance brokerage industry. He then transitioned to the advertising agency world where he served as Senior Strategist and managed integrated marketing communications programs for major national accounts across a variety of industries including domestic and international insurance, health care, finance, manufacturing, construction and human services organizations.

Featured Podcast:
» How to Succeed With Online Lead Generation

Marlin R. Bollinger
The Bollinger Group
Website: www.thebollingergroup.com
Email: marlin@thebollingergroup.com
Phone: 800-503-1633

Marlin Bollinger is the founder and president of The Bollinger Group. He formed the company after spending more than 25 years as a producer, manager, consultant, and most recently, corporate officer for a major insurance company. Marlin holds the CFP, CLU, ChFC, CFS, and CAS designations and is the author of Cross Marketing: Here's Your Wake Up Call.

Featured Podcast:
» Future of Independent Life Insurance Distribution

Michael Buckner
GamePlan Financial
Website: www.gameplanfinancial.com
Email: mbuckner@gameplanfinancial.com
Phone: 800-886-4757

Michael Buckner is the Senior Vice President of Advanced Markets for GamePlan Financial. Michael supports agents in retirement and estate planning strategies, as well as other wealth management topics. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Michael holds five financial designations and five FINRA registrations and is also a defined contribution plan specialist as a recognized by the American Society of Pension Actuaries.

Featured Podcast:
» Social Security Benefits in Retirement Planning Strategies

Robert J. Burskey
Website: www.annuix.com
Email: rburskey@annuix.com
Phone: 734-622-7500

Robert J. Burskey is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience and proven success in all disciplines of the insurance industry - health and disability, property and casualty, life and annuities. He built one of the nation's largest independent marketing organizations, producing over $1 billion of new annuity and life insurance premiums per year. Bob is currently the CEO of Annuix.

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» Will Your Business Thrive or Survive?

Dwight Carter
Financial Security Associates
Website: www.fsa4life.com
Email: info@fsa4life.com
Phone: 800-834-7646

Dwight Carter is the founder, CEO, and CFO of The MV Group, one of the nation's highest producing and well respected national marketing organizations. Dwight is a long standing member of many advisory boards and CEO Councils for major insurance carriers within the brokerage industry. Dwight currently serves on the board of the National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) as membership chairman.

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» Final Expense Insurance
» Understanding Enhanced Death Benefits

Don Cloud
Website: www.3-mentors.com
Email: info@3-mentors.com
Phone: 888-604-3636

Don Cloud is president and founder of Cloud Financial Incorporated. Don is an Investment Advisor Representative. His primary focus is always to enhance and ultimately, preserve both his clients' wealth and their estates within each individual situation. His ability to achieve strong business results in the face of changing economic times is a tribute to the resiliency of his thorough planning methods- helping clients adjust, reshape financial priorities, and move ahead. Don also works with 3-Mentors.

Featured Podcast:
» Eliminating Road Blocks to Dominating Your Market (with Scott Moore)

Chris Conklin
Insurance Insight Group
Website: www.insuranceinsightgroup.com
Email: chris.conklin@iigsolutions.com
Phone: 801-290-3320

Chris Conklin is Principal and Actuary for Insurance Insight Group. Hundreds of agents attend his live training sessions every week on topics such as annuities, life insurance, and growing your practice. Chris is a licensed insurance agent and a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries. Chris has been widely published in many industry publications and has personally trained over 15,000 insurance professionals.

Featured Podcast:
» Real Agent Training Defined

Jay Fettig
Website: FREEtrial.mybattlesystem.com
Email: 8556battle@mybattlesystem.com
Phone: 855-6-BATTLE

Jay is the Founder and President of BATTLE System, LLC. Jay has been in the financial services business for over 20 years and has run the brokerage department at a regional bank, a private wealth management business, and been a guest speaker at numerous events. Over the years Jay has managed well in excess of $100 million of annuity business. Since founding My Battle System, Jay has become a national advocate for the advisors and agents on medicare and helping them establish their business to capture a piece of this enormous market.

Featured Podcast:
» Make Insurance Sales Without the Sales Pitch!

Ronald J. Grensteiner, CLU, ChFC
American Equity
Website: www.american-equity.com
Email: info@american-equity.com
Phone: 888-221-1234

Ron currently serves as President of American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company as well as a member of the Life Company Board. He is one of the original stockholders of American Equity and has been with the company since it began operations in 1996. Ron is a graduate of North Dakota State University, with B.S. degrees in both Speech Communications and Business Administration. He started his insurance career in 1985 as an agent with Northwestern Mutual Life. He later served as Regional Vice President for American Life & Casualty. Ron and his wife, Aimee, have been married for 20 years and have 11 year old twin sons. Ron enjoys competing in triathlons; and boating and camping with the family.

Featured Podcast:
» How Working With The Right Carrier can Increase Your Success

Jack Marrion
Advantage Compendium, Limited
Website: www.advantagecompendium.com
Email: jack@advantagecompendium.com
Phone: 314-255-6531

A decade ago Best’s Review said Jack Marrion was likely to affect the course of the industry, and he has. Jack Marrion is president of Advantage Compendium Ltd providing research and consulting services to select financial companies. He has twice been asked to address the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on annuity issues, his insights on the annuity and retirement income world have appeared in hundreds of publications including Business Week, Kiplinger and The Wall Street Journal, and his research is frequently referenced by regulators. He has conducted a broad scope of research ranging from the behavioral reasons why consumers buy or don't buy financial products to creating new products and distribution models. His doctoral work on cognitive biases created a new model in effectively working with consumers.

Featured Podcast:
» Providing Your Clients With Lifetime Income

Tom Mayer
Direct Benefits, Inc.
Website: www.directbenefits.com
Email: tom@directbenefits.com
Phone: 800-620-5010

Tom Mayer is founder and rainmaker of Direct Benefits. He is energetic and resourceful with more than 25 years of business experience. Those years include three of his very own start-ups until he entered the employee benefits field in 1999. Tom founded Direct Benefits, Inc. in 2001 and the company specializes in distributing dental, disability, life and vision benefits to over 3,500 agents, brokers, consultants, and general agents nationwide.

Featured Podcast:
» Powering Your Business With The Benefits Everyone Is Asking For

Paul McGillivray
Creative Marketing
Website: www.cmic.net
Email: pmcgillivray@creativemarketing.net
Phone: 800-992-2642

Paul McGillivray is Senior Vice President of Advanced Marketing for Creative Marketing. Paul overseas Creative Marketing's advanced marketing function, and works with the national agency development programs. Paul shares compliance responsibilities with several other members of Creative Marketing's management team. Most recently Paul's responsibility was supervision programs for FINRA registered broker dealers. Paul has been a frequent training presenter within and outside the company.

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Rod Mims
Athene Annuity and Life Assurance Company
Website: www.atheneannuity.com
Email: rmims@athene.com
Phone: 800-4-ATHENE

Rod is Senior Vice President for Athene Annuity and Life Assurance Company. Rod has more than 20 years of insurance and investment experience in a broad spectrum of roles ranging from personal production and wholesaling to sales management. His experience also includes working with banks, wirehouses, and the independent broker-dealer channel. Rod holds a life insurance license, as well as securities licenses 7, 24 and 63.

Featured Podcast:
» How to Solve for Retirement's "What Ifs"

Amy McIlwain
Financial Social Media
Website: www.financialsocialmedia.com
Email: amy@financialsocialmedia.com
Phone: 800-837-6330

Amy McIlwain is President of Financial Social Media. With her unique background in both online marketing and financial services, Amy launched Financial Social Media in 2010 to help guide companies and individuals through the compliance issues surrounding social media.

Featured Podcast:
» Key Strategies for Social Media Success

Scott Moore
Website: www.3-mentors.com
Email: info@3-mentors.com
Phone: 888-604-3636

Scott Moore is founder and president of Moore’s Wealth Management. After a career of nearly 20 years as a mutual fund broker with CitiGroup, Scott realized he needed to change to grow his practice. Scott joined 3-Mentors, started using the 3-Mentors system, and has grown to two offices and regularly achieving an annual income of over $1 million. He was recognized as 3-Mentor’s Advisor of the Year in 2011 and 2012.

Featured Podcast:
» Eliminating Road Blocks to Dominating Your Market (with Don Cloud)

Sheryl Moore
Moore Market Intelligence
Website: www.annuityspecs.com
Email: sheryl.moore@annuityspecs.com
Phone: 515-266-8489

Sheryl J. Moore is the President of Moore Market Intelligence, Advantage Group Associates, Inc., AnnuitySpecs.com, and LifeSpecs.com. Collaboratively, these companies specialize in the indexed annuity market, as well as the rapidly expanding indexed life line of business. Ms. Moore provides competitive intelligence, market research, product development, consulting services, and insight to select financial services companies. Ms. Moore is also a noted author and insurance industry event speaker.

Featured Podcast:
» Fixed Annuities Can Provide Long-term Income

Tom O'Connell
International Financial Advisory Group, Inc.
Website: www.seniorwealthsolutions.com
Email: tjoconnell@internationalfinancial.com
Phone: 973-394-0623

As President and Managing Principal of International Financial Advisory Group, Inc. in Parsippany, New Jersey, Tom O'Connell has become one of New Jersey’s premier financial advisors over the last two decades. Tom is a certified senior advisor and nationally recognized author and speaker on estate planning, retirement planning and wealth management. Tom has been trained as an elite IRA expert by Ed Slott, one of America’s most recognized IRA experts, and currently serves as Life Coach for The 3-Mentors.

Featured Podcast:
» How IUL Can Be a Game Changer

Justin Rafferty
Midland National Life
Website: www.midlandannuity.com
Email: jrafferty@sfgmembers.com
Phone: 877-586-0241

Justin Rafferty is Second Vice President of Annuity Sales Development for Midland National Life Insurance Company. Justin provides leadership in sales generation, field production management and recruiting, as well as strategic marketing planning.

Justin has an extensive background in sales training, lead generation and development, sales management and customer needs assessment. Throughout his career in financial services, he has been instrumental in increasing sales of retirement products, adding significant value through advisor recruiting and training, and successfully coaching sales teams to meet and exceed recruiting goals.

Featured Podcast:
» Income, Income, Income

Scott Tietz
Partners Advantage Insurance Services
Website: www.partnersadvantage.com
Email: stietz@partnersadvantage.com
Phone: 888-251-5525

Scott is the author of a new book entitled Mergers & Acquisitions 101: What All Independent Marketing Organizations Need To Consider To Survive and Thrive In Today's Changing Business Landscape. Scott is also the President and CEO of Partners Advantage. Scott has personally directed six mergers and acquisitions for Partners Advantage in the past five years.

Featured Podcast:
» Strategies to Grow Your Agency

Kevin Vozar
Website: www.3-mentors.com
Email: kvozar@3-mentors.com
Phone: 888-604-3636

Prior to joining the 3-Mentors' team, Kevin spent the last 7 years as the chief operating officer for a financial services holding company helping oversee all sales, marketing, and administrative areas of the company. This included the company's insurance, RIA and B/D subsidiaries. Kevin's articles have appeared in many industry publications and he has also been a featured platform speaker at both regional as well as national events.

Featured Podcasts:
» Income Options for Your Clients
» The Skills You Need In 2012

Kevin R. Wingert
American Retirement Systems
Website: www.americanretirementsystems.com
Email: info@americanretirementsystems.com
Phone: 888-969-7384

Kevin is the founder and owner of American Retirement Systems and American Elite Retirement. Mr. Wingert is a nearly 30 year veteran of the life insurance and securities industry. He started his career as a personal producer and spent a combined 22 years in the home office of American Life and Casualty Insurance and American Equity Life Insurance Company. Kevin was President of American Equity from 2001 through 2008 when he left to start ARS. He also served on the Board of Director’s at American Equity Holding where he helped take the company public in 2003. Mr. Wingert is a graduate of Drake University and holds the CLU and ChFC professional designations.

Featured Podcast:
» Making the Most of New Marketing & Technology Opportunities

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