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Episode #27

Eliminating Road Blocks to Dominating Your Market:
How Two Multi-Million Dollar Independent Financial Advisors Did It

At times, new technologies can seem to do more to bog down an independent financial advisors' practice than they produce results. But amidst it all, there are multi-million dollar advisors dominating the financial marketplace. What is it that they are doing to open new avenues to success. In this podcast you'll learn how two advisors have found success and developed highly successful practices yielding impressive results.

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Episode #26

Making the Most of New Marketing & Technology Opportunities to Improve Your Practice

If you're an independent financial professional looking for new approaches to grow your practice, you need to utilize the new technologies which are creating powerful new opportunities. This podcast discusses the changing role of marketing and technology and what agents need to know to create a successful approach for marketing and growing their business.

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Episode #25

How Working With The Right Carrier can Increase Your Success

Learn about the benefits of working with an American-owned insurance company. What are the benefits and customer service levels you should expect from a top insurance company?

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Episode #24

How to Offer Value in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Watch and learn how this unique, simple, and flexible Fixed Indexed Universal Life product can provide your clients with value in a low interest rate environment.

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Episode #23

Insurance Sales That Could Impact Generations

Did you know that one insurance sale could impact generations and make waves for your business? The right sale sold the right way can do just that. If family insurance matters aren't already successfully woven into your sales, now is the time to consider this business opportunity.

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Episode #22

A Whole New Look at Single Premium Whole Life

This new life insurance product is storming the financial marketplace with a benefits package clients want and the business opportunity agents need. It comes complete with unique features you can’t find anywhere else.

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Episode #21

How Index Universal Life Can be a Game Changer for Any Insurance Professional

Feeling upside down about your product portfolio? Change things up with the innovative life insurance policies that insurance professionals are talking about. Help your clients get upside potential with the downside protection – all from a life insurance policy that comes with benefits galore.

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Episode #19

How to Solve for Retirement's "What Ifs"

Market volatility, increased life expectancy, and rising healthcare costs are just a few of the “what ifs” that leave retirees with fears of outliving their savings. Fixed annuities continue to grow in popularity, but a new product that recently entered the marketplace – ATHENE Benefit 10 – actually solves for retirement’s “what ifs.” Listen and learn about the product's innovative and unique rider that provides up to five discreet benefits.

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Episode #18

Will Your Business Thrive or Survive?

History shows that product sale trends often shift as interest rates change. Now, with interest rates falling to historical lows, even guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit rollup rates are becoming less attractive. Thus, change is about to occur. Listen in and learn what we believe will be the next hot product.

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Episode #17

Future of Independent Life Insurance Distribution: P&C Cross Marketing

Never in history has there been a more perfect cross marketing match than for the independent life insurance agent and Property & Casualty agencies. Watch, listen, and learn about the events that are changing the face of independent life insurance distribution and how you can be on the cutting edge to grow your business with success.

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Episode #16

Dental & Vision: Powering Your Business With The Benefits Everyone Is Asking For

You've heard the statistics. 80 million Baby Boomers are about to retire. At a time when insurance professionals are looking for simple ways to diversify their portfolio, dental and vision insurance have never had a more timely impact. Watch, listen, and learn how you can use dental and vision insurance benefits as a new revenue stream while maximizing cross selling opportunities.

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Episode #15

Optimizing Social Security Benefits in Retirement Planning Strategies

Many believe that social security is a fixed part of retirement income – and that is not entirely true. Understanding what aspects can be controlled is important to helping clients maximize social security income. Listen and learn about options you have for training and resources available to you concerning this important topic.

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Episode #14

Key Strategies for Social Media Success

Listen and hear the steps you need to take to utilize social media to grow your business. Social Media is connecting our world, and prospective clients for financial services, like never before. In fact, Boomers and seniors are two of the most rapidly growing demographics among social media users. Many in the financial industry see the potential, but aren’t quite sure how to tap into it – until now.

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Episode #13

Strategies to Grow Your Agency and Develop a Succession Plan

Listen and hear what you need to know about preparing your agency for the future in today's dynamic life and annuity marketplace. In today’s challenging economy insurance professionals are navigating many questions and issues as they work to keep their companies competitive and profitable. The opportunities provided by mergers, strategic alliances, acquisitions and succession planning are more relevant than ever.

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Episode #12

How to Succeed With Online Lead Generation

Listen and hear what you need to know about this growing way to generate new clients. A steady flow of new leads is the lifeblood of any insurance business. 37 million people used the internet to purchase insurance in 2010. That number simply tells us that if you’re not marketing your business online, you’re missing a large portion of the market.

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Episode #11

Real Agent Training Defined

The word training may be the most abused term in our industry. Listen in as we discuss the landscape of industry education available to agents today. We also define what real agent training is and what aspects of training agents crave the most.

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Episode #10

Indexed Annuity Complaints - Fact vs. Fiction

One million people searched Google using the word “annuity” in the past month – and many were looking for financial advice. Negative and inaccurate information was 10 times more likely to populate their screen than the reliable facts describing the products. It’s no wonder consumers are confused and advisors are often left defending the value of indexed annuities. In this podcast you’ll learn what is fact and how to respond to what is fiction.

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Episode #9

Income, Income, Income - What Consumers Want

Listen and hear about what annuity products have proven to be most effective at offering customers what they really want - more income. In this podcast you’ll learn what makes a fixed indexed annuity with living benefits more attractive to clients than immediate annuities. Also find out when one product makes more sense than another for your client.

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Episode #8

Final Expense Insurance -
How to sell it and when it's a good fit for your clients

In this podcast you'll learn how Final Expense insurance can be an important piece of a successfully growing business for financial advisors and key ways to educate your clients about their needs and the right time to buy. We also cover new features and innovations to the product.

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Episode #7

Income Options for Your Clients

With over 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day, and interest rates at all time low levels, there has never been more of a need for guaranteed lifetime income options. Listen in as we discuss how clients' can see benefits from income annuities. We discuss the basic types of products and how they differ. You'll also hear about recent developments and how you can use these products to solve clients' income needs.

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Episode #6

Single Premium Life - Is it a fit for your clients?

In this podcast, you'll learn why the new benefits available through Single Premium Life could be a fit for your clients. We’ll also discuss key features that allow you to simplify the sales process and the importance of considering Single Premium Life as a life insurance option.

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Episode #5

Understanding Enhanced Death Benefits

Get the information you need to know about Enhanced Death Benefits offered with Indexed Annuities by listening to this short podcast. We provide you with enough information to understand why a consumer would decide to purchase these benefits and why you should, or shouldn't, offer them to clients.

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Episode #4

The Skills You Need To Be THE Advisor in 2012

Listen how to grow sales and increase your client base in 2012. In this podcast you’ll learn the proper techniques to protect clients’ assets, families, income, and their standard of living. We also discuss where you need to look to stay current on a variety of products and services that are now at your disposal and where you should focus to maximize your income.

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Episode #3

How To Grow Sales With Indexed Universal Life

Looking for a way to grow sales and increase your client base in 2012? Consider tapping into the Indexed Universal Life market. Listen in as we discuss why these product sales have been growing at an annual rate of over 30% and the key benefits they provide to consumers. You'll learn how the products work and why an increasing number of insurance professionals are turning to Indexed Universal Life to meet their clients' needs.

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Episode #2

Jack Marrion discusses why clients should look at annuities to provide retirement income.
Have you done the same for your clients?

Listen in as our special guest, veteran industry expert Jack Marrion, joins us to discuss how annuities represent an opportunity for providing clients with lifetime retirement income. Jack will share his views on a recently-released 79-page report highlighting the value of annuities, and the key messages this report provides both consumers and advisors. You’ll also uncover findings regarding the growing challenge your clients face when it comes to outliving assets and how you can help them overcome it.

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Episode #1

Can your clients retire on the 1% interest
their savings is currently earning?

Learn how fixed annuities can provide long-term income.

Today's consumers face the prospect of earning less than a 1% return on their savings. At the same time, they are fearful of losing principal with equity investments yet need all the income their savings can generate. Listen as we discuss consumer reaction to this challenge and how financial professionals are designing strategies to help them uncover smarter alternatives. We’ll share ideas on how consumers are using today’s fixed annuities with newly added product benefits to help clients bridge the income gap.

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